What legacy am I leaving for my babies?

I told you my sister in-law was in town right?

Being at the phase of almost constant observation, introspection, and self awareness, I became more conscious of things I had not paid attention to over the years.

See ehn, if you are seeking to find the madam chief of procrastination, look no further, it’s MrsX! I can so push things to the last minute. In being honest with myself, I will also say that I have not been the most disciplined of people. (Most disciplined sha??? I don’t even come close). Mr.X, who I have known for a while says I wasn’t always like this. Friends who know me also say I wasn’t always like this. So, what happened to me o??? Hmmm… I no sabi, I don’t know. That’s a story for another day.

Back to my introspection and observations when my sister in-law was in town… I noticed a couple of things my husband and his sis have in common, and it is called discipline! It literally shows in everything these guys do. From their walk with God, to their spending, their eating, exercising, and carrying out mundane tasks. While I am telling myself I will go wash the bathroom when the long hand of the clock gets to 12 (Don’t laugh at me jare. I can be funny like that. Me sef, I know), my hubby and his sis would have gotten up immediately the thought occurs to them, and got stuff done!

This observation made me think of my parents in-law, and how much they have influenced all their children. I must be honest, daddy and mummy are the most disciplined people I know! They know what is good for their bodies, they treat their bodies with respect, exercise, work really hard, don’t spend on a whim, watch what they say and don’t joke with their walk with God.

You know me now…. This got me thinking about the present me, the Mrs.X who has gained so much weight, who is so unhappy about her current situation. The Mrs.X who eats what she wants, when she wants, how she wants, who isn’t happy about how she looks, but is doing NOTHING to change it 🙁 🙁 The Mrs.X who has not accepted that her body isn’t like anybody else’s. ( I wll eat just two slices of yam o, and my belle will look like I am 4 months pregnant).

So, here is a letter to me from me…

Dear Mrs. X,

Whatever happened to you? Why did you let yourself go like this?

I know you will start looking for one excuse or the other, but you have nothing to say! You have let yourself go in more ways than one, and it is sad! I will focus on your weight today sha. You talked about losing 32 pounds by your birthday in September, and you didn’t lift a finger to make it happen. How on earth did you think the fat will disappear??? By running and not eating in your dreams???

You see Mr.X take an extra helping of food, and you too carry ya big hand, and you go and chop. See you! Where were you when Mr.X spent 2 hours in the gym??? Where were you when he put on his exercise clothes after work, and ran home with his backpack??? Is it everything you see you eat? Na only your mouth waka come?

Your children look at you, watch you keenly. What do you think they see? Little madam especially has been copying your every move. You see how she takes laying her bed as a task she can’t afford to mess up on because she sees you do it. Why then do you want to show her a mummy who has literally no self control, especially around food?! E pass food???

Mrs.X! it is time to rewrite your own story. You are the only one who can break your own cycle of indiscipline.You are the only one who can redefine your relationship with food. It is time to show little madam how to treat God’s temple; her body. It is time to show her that ease is a greater threat to progress in life than hardship. It is time to show her that God wants her to honor him by putting the right things in her mouth. Above all, it is time to show her that God needs her strong and healthy to fulfill his call on her life.

It is time to work madam. It is time to set your alarm clock, and not press the snooze button till it’s too late to exercise and pray for the length of time you desire. It is time to know what quantity of food your body needs, and it is time to feed your body with the right things.

Mrs.X, it is time to change what you don’t like. No more excuses, no more waiting, no more regressing.

Take charge!!!

Yours truly,



14 thoughts on “What legacy am I leaving for my babies?”

  1. Yes. I have read through from the beginning. I LOVE who Mrs. X is becoming. I like that she will make the desired change she wants to see. I want to be your accountability partner, we can help each other achieve our goals. I believe this is the first step to progress in other areas of your life where you want to experience change. Go girl!

  2. I love the sound of this. We all need to have these frank conversations with ourselves. We can do this đŸ’Ē🏾I have no doubt that we will slay this giant!

  3. Hmmm… This applies to a lot of us especially me. So good to read this. It’s a wake up call to self awareness. Thanks Mrsx for being so open and honest.

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read this dear. God help us to be the best version of us!

  4. Hmmm, Mrs X, these your convos with yourself are no joke o! I feel you mama! Same thing I have been telling myself recently! I need to be that person my children can look up to in every respect! Its a huge task but it is possible. I pray you become ALL that you were made to be.

    1. Madam Mandy!They are no joke o! God help us to be people our children can look up to in every regard, and we grow up to be all God made us to be!

  5. Girl, you’re honesty is so refreshing. I am a much better person in my head then I am in reality. The biggest thing I struggle with is worrying. How am I going to raise my children to be full of faith if I crumble at every trial and tribulation? You’ve given me something to think and pray about.

    1. Hmmmm…. First, in reality, you are one superstar!!! You have no idea how amazing you are.
      I can completely relate with you regarding raising children of faith. We strive for perfection daily, and with each challenge.

      God help us become all he wants us to be.

      If you didnt hear me before, hear me now! You rock!

  6. My weight loss journey starts today. Please bring on the broccoli and salad diet! No more excuses. Thanks for sharing !

    1. Hahahaaa! My sis the doc! Na to dey chop brocolli and carrots dey go o! God help us. Please share your recipes with me o…

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