Where has Mrs. X been???

Hi my people!!!

I know the last time I wrote, I declared that I was back. Heheheee… I wish!
I reported that a lot had happened that time right? Well, lets just say a plethora of things have happened in the past couple of months!

Where do I even start from? Me starting a business while working, leaving the job to focus on my business, my business picking up, me being overwhelmed by the act of juggling CEO, mama extraordinaire, wifey, daughter, sister and friend? Chei! your person wanted to explode. I was BURNT OUT! like “crispy black toast” burnt out!
There were days I simply wanted to run away from it all, move to the mountains, lose my memory, have a new identity and live in a nice cottage with a maid bringing me breakfast in bed, giving me a foot rub, and singing me to sleep! I sound delirious right?! Don’t blame me please. Blame it on the effects of being burnt out!

At the peak of my burnt “outiveness”, Mr.X informs me in his calm demeanour that he has got an assignment he had been dying for. For people like me who keep moving due to their spouses’ jobs, you know your antennae go up when you hear of a new assignment. Long story short, I was informed we will be moving across the globe! I was given 2 months’ notice. hahahahaaa… You see, it took grace not to run totally, completely, stark-raving mad! Once he was done talking, I went to my freezer, picked a pint of white chocolate ice cream, headed downstairs to the front of the TV, and binged on Netflix while I licked my spoon as if licking my wounds!

If you were me, what would you have done? Don’t judge me abeg. I see your judging eyes, and I am just going to walk away for now.

I will continue my long gist in a few hours when I don’t feel your judging eyes piercing through my already delicate skin. In the meantime, I am off to get an Iced Mocha.

Stay tuned!

Love always,
Your Mrs.X

12 thoughts on “Where has Mrs. X been???”

  1. Hahaha. Awa judginas. Lol. You do great at keeping it all together and that bit of the cottage and maid…..you wish!

    Welcome back to writing. Stay longer this time. Let me go look for ice cream too.

    1. laughing out loud @ judginas! Thanks so much luv! I have decided I will go find a cottage somewhere for the weekend at least. That should help me small naaa. I will be writing more. I trust you to sit on my neck! lol! sending you hugs and kisses.

  2. First of all…welcome baaaacckk…again…Lol. Second of all, please make room for me on the sofa as I identify with team “eat ice cream now and process later” πŸ™‚ No judgement here.

    1. hahahahaa!!! there is always room for you on my sofa sis! Another pint of ice cream and a big spoon to go await you on the coffee table! xoxo

  3. Welcome back…πŸ˜‰ and can’t wait to read the rest of the gist.. p.s my eyes are not rolling judging you😁😁

    1. Hugs from Mrs.X my darling. we all need to talk more about our joys, fears, triumphs and struggles so we can uplift and support one another. sending you lots of kisses babe!

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