Hey people! So, I am in a new continent. I am determined to explore new cuisine. Well, Mr.X has sort of made sure of that since we he insisted on us not travelling with any locust beans, melon seeds, and everything I need to make my own kind of yummy goodness! Honestly, me sef, I didn’t push too hard. I saw it as my way to rest a little while trying to settle into our new environment. Its getting frustrating now though, because I have not been able to find an African Store! It takes all my willpower to not run up to any Black person I see to ask about where to buy “normal” rice, habanero peppers, tripe, cow skin, and palm oil! hahahaaaa! I cover my face in shame. You know me- I love to cook a whole lot. I cook when I am happy, I cook when I am sad, I cook when I am excited, I cook when I am scared! Now, it’s time for me to explore, and show you all the yummy goodness I am discovering!