I am back!!!!!!!!

My people, it’s been way too long! Chei…. I am sure you all wonder where I disappeared to. πŸ™

Where do I even start from sef? Long gist, long story, plenty plenty to talk about.

Anyway, your girl got a J.O.B just like that, all of a sudden, her head was/is spinning. She didn’t know whether to be excited about the job, or be embarrassed. Why? It was in her dream Organization, but in a role not as lush as she would have liked. Okay Madam X, why are you speaking about yourself in third person??? (Wait. is it third person or second person? My memory of my English classes fails me. heheheehe).

Lots to talk about my ladies. Let me start with the fact that I planned a Valentine’s day date for Mr.X a.k.a Mr.Soldier a.k.a Mr. Solid. It felt good to take the rein on things, make reservations at his favorite favorite restaurant, keep it a surprise, and get him blushing! Money is good o. lol. I felt so good planning this date, and it felt really nice watching him across the table, and seeing a twinkle in his eyes (You can decode I am a hopeless romantic right?). Can you imagine? He even asked if we could go for a walk after dinner. He literally didn’t want the evening to end.

Let’s just say the day ended the way I planned! *winks*

I am sure you can decode that I am in a much better place than I have been in a while. My ladies, I am slowly but surely finding me, and I am grateful for where I am. Lushest of jobs or not, I am thankful. I will definitely start disturbing you all again.

Love and kisses,

Mrs. X

5 thoughts on “I am back!!!!!!!!”

  1. Welcome back! It’s always good to be able to plan date night (taking the reins). I’m itching to read more from you 😁

  2. Whoop! Whoop!! Welcome back Mrs. X!
    Cheers to God who specializes in doing ‘just like that’ ‘sturvs’ πŸ˜†

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