Mummy, what are you eating?

I look left, look right, look left again. I don’t see anyone, so I stealthily open my fridge! (You know those 007 kinda moves) Little do I know that little madam has heard her cue for yummy “fridgy” goodness, and is watching to see what her mama will pull out.

I carefully draw out a big bar of chocolate that is hidden behind the various types of salad dressing, careful not to let it sound (do not judge me o! I have a harsh judge at home already, and his name is Mr.X!). The next thing I hear is “mummy! may I have some please?!” Chei! I have been caught…again!!!

I am always telling my little madam that eating between meals isn’t good for her. I tell her too many chocolates are bad for her tummy, I even tell her that God likes us to have self control, and that It’s not everything we see that we eat. Ha! I am something else. I am a joker right! I know o. I have been such a bad mummy. I cover my face in utmost shame 🙁

I was gisting with one of my favorite aburos (baby sisters) a while back, and she told me of someone she knew, who made sure that he did all he asked his staff to do; even if they were courses and exams. That night, I thought hard, and I did some introspection. (Hehehe.. I like big grammar). Can I ask little madam to follow my every move? Remember how Paul said to the christians in the early church to follow him as he followed christ?

Hmmm…Ok o. So, today, as I stuffed my face with dodo, crying because I was missing my big sis, the chat I had with this aburo hit me again.Madam, Mrs. X, can you ask little madam to do all you do? Are you being a true example? Are you leading from the front? I am so embarrassed… I can’t tell her to! If I do that, I know she will have an unhealthy relationship with food, and I am so so so ashamed of myself; terribly ashamed.

Everyday, I take time to pray that she will be the woman God made her to be, yet, I am being a stumbling block! I am here, unconsciously teaching her bad habits that will take so much work to unlearn, while I should be imparting life skills of immeasurable value. I say it again, with my hands on my head; I AM ASHAMED! I haven’t done well at all, and I am sure I haven’t made God proud 🙁 🙁

So,after all this grammar and long epistle, Mrs. X, what’s the way forward?

It is time to live my life, remembering that I am being watched, that there is someone who sees me as her role model, and who is learning by understudying my EVERY move!

It’s time to stop emotional eating, time to lead from the front, and it is time to be the mummy that warms God’s heart.

How? let me go find out! I shall be right back.

8 thoughts on “Mummy, what are you eating?”

  1. Hey Mrs X, do what you say 😆. May God give us the grace to lead from the front in deed, whether the kids are watching or not.

  2. Hahahah you’re too funny 🤣🤣🤣 “007 moves”! Leading from the front is such an invaluable trait in a person, I agree.

    1. The 007 moves I have learnt ehn! I should start auditioning for Nollywood movies! Leading from the front is tough, God help us.

  3. I completely relate with the 007 moves Mrs X you are not alone.
    I am learning to practise what I preach too by getting the kids involved in my eating and also asking myself when those 007 moves cross my mind -if my kids see me or worse still my hubby, what will he say…like those wwjd wrist bands I had years ago.. lol
    The only way is up☝️.. We can do this 😉

    1. Sis, now I also ask myself what hubby will say when he sees me sometimes and I laugh! I remember those WWJD hand bands that we once had everywhere!

      We can do this sis! God help us!!

  4. Hahaha “even God wants us to have self control”… how often does that make us sit up and act right?

    What other outlets have you tried other than food n writing?

    As always, this is very relatable and another classic moment of “you are not alone”

    Btw, have you tried cucumber infused water to go along with your meals or even just around the house? It’ll taste a little weird at first but I think you might enjoy it

    1. Thank you so much Ms.Similar 🙂

      I will try the cucumber water. Maybe I will add lemon slices too!

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