At the foot of the cross…

At the foot of the cross where grace and suffering meet

You have shown me your love through the judgement you received

And you’ve won my heart, yes you’ve won my heart

Now I can trade these ashes in for beauty

And wear forgiveness like a crown

Coming to kiss the feet of mercy

I lay every burden down at the foot of the cross.

Artist:Don Moen

Album: Thank you Lord



I have had this song playing in my head almost all day. So much going on in this little head of mine (It’s big small sha 🙂 ). So many questions I do not have answers to, so many jigsaw pieces missing, and I haven’t had a clue where to go looking.

As I sit tonight wondering what the coming year will look like, hoping it won’t be another “wasted” year filled with envy for my friends moving forward in their careers and businesses, working on the ministries God has placed in their hands, while being surrounded by a host of friends and family members, I feel a tugging in my spirit.

Tonight, it’s another letter from Mrs.X to Mrs.X…


My dear complainer Mrs.X,

How you easily forget… You complain about every single thing! You complain about not knowing where you will be in the coming year. You complain about your life not progressing the way it should. You lament about the level of cluelessness and confusion you are in right now. You complain about the fact that you are in a country you do not like. You miss your family, you don’t have family and friends as close by as you would like; you complain. You complain about your not being able to pursue God’s calling for you. You are upset that you are almost completely dependent on another human, you are angry at yourself for missing opportunities, not knowing when to stick with your own plan and when to give it up, and you complain! You complain, you complain, you complain!!! Madam, you can complain fa! You are so blinded by your dissatisfaction, all you see is misery, not the many good things God in his own mercy has given you. How sad!

In your mind, you think you pray about your issues, but now sef, I am beginning to doubt if you really do. Are you praying, or are you singing your “woe is me” song to your heavenly father?

Babe, how easily you forget the power you carry. At the beginning of the year, you got the word in Ephesians 3:20. “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” Do you think God has forgotten the word, or do you think he made a mistake when he gave you that word. You might also kuku be thinking that the word was given to you dependent on the location you are! Newsflash madam! God is not limited by your location, neither does he forget or make mistakes.

Mrs.X, you have won battles on your knees in times past. Do you think you have lost the power to? If you use the amount of time you complain, cry, lament and eat to pray, not only will you feel lighter, you will see how much God has done for you, and get clarity about the future too.

As the month starts, it is time to decide in your heart to lay your burdens before your heavenly father, trusting that he will take care of them all. Drop every single burden in his hands ( lost identity, cluelessness about raising children in a foreign land, a career gone off the rails, a ministry in a coma…), and in one breath, he will blow them all away.

Once again, remember whose child you are, and begin to carry yourself like the KING’S daughter. You are not forgotten, you are precious, you are loved. YOU WILL FULFILL GOD’S PURPOSE FOR YOU.

Remember, your morning has come. Actively seek God, wipe your tears, shine your eyes! Your answers might just be lying all around you. Look and live Mrs. X, look and live…


Yours truly,


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  1. This letter is the truth. Shift your gaze, away from what is going on around you and the people or location surrounding you. Look up to Jesus. With focus comes clarity. Your answers are within.

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